Florida-native artist, Nilka, is transcending the alternative-pop genre with her fluid vocals and cinematic music. Nilka fell in love with creating songs as a young girl fusing her thoughts to a string of notes with lyrics originating back to the early age of 9. Five years later she taught herself how to play guitar, cementing her melody-lyric combinations and her pensive songs became like entries in a journal. Songwriting was a way for Nilka to confront experiences in her life and music became her outlet. Throughout grade school, she participated in different bands and choirs where she became fascinated with the impression symphonic music could leave on an audience and inspired by a broad spectrum of genres from Motown to Folk music. During the summer of 2014, Nilka relocated to Nashville, Tennessee where she continues composing songs that narrate life encounters aspiring to connect with listeners through her music.


Currently, Nilka is releasing a collection of singles throughout the year of 2017 which has been titled "Year of the Escape" and defined by Victoria Henderson, of Music Update Central and Nashville Unsigned, as “a self-meditating journey that makes you feel as if you’re a part of something bigger than yourself." Nilka strives to captivate her listeners with a soul-moving experience and provide an escape from the mundane outlook on life, compelled to reveal a unique and authentic perspective of this world.